Klaudia Dradrach, PhD Eng

Photonic Nanostructure Facility (PNaF)

PhD Eng Klaudia Dradrach


I got PhD at Wrocław University of Science and Technology in the end of 2018. During my PhD studies I have had the opportunity to work on very attractive interdisciplinary topic - laser induced Marangoni effect in organic liquids. At the same time I was a scholar of “Bionanomaterials” program and took part in a scientific internship at University of Leeds in H. Gleeson's group (Soft Matter Physics Group). 

Since 2019 I was a post doc in P. Wasylczyk's group (Photonic Nanostructure Facility).

Currently, at Cambridge University, I am working as a post-doc on photoresponsive materials, especially liquid crystal elastomers (LCE). LCE can deform when exposed on a stimulus like laser light or temperature. The main goal is to obtain microsize soft actuators that can perform work or locomotion. My interest also involves implementing such actuators into simple microfluidics systems - laser induced deformation of such LCE actuator can be a first step in achieving my biggest dream which is creating all-optical way of controlling liquids. 
In my free time I play badminton and do yoga, read action-adventure books and cook. I am also a huge Star Wars fan.