Master of Science (MSc) Programs at Faculty of Physics UW

The Division of Optics is directly involved in running the optical specialisation "Optics" as part of the Masters in Physics program at the Faculty of Physics UW.

As of 2019, the specialisation is taught in English only. The Division of Optics is open to students who would like to complete their diploma theses under the supervision of the Division staff within the framework of other study programs conducted at the University of Warsaw.

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Master of Science (MSc) Programs at Faculty of Physics UW Master of Science (MSc) Programs at Faculty of Physics UW
Master of Science (MSc) Programs at Faculty of Physics UW Master of Science (MSc) Programs at Faculty of Physics UW

Program of studies

The Master's degree programme in Physics is divided into four semesters. The first of these is identical for every second-level student and includes mainly general physics classes. The remaining three semesters depend on the chosen specialisation, i.e. one of several available paths of further study tailored to each student's individual needs and interests.

One of them is the specialisation in Optics, during which particular emphasis is placed on lectures, exercises and laboratories conducted by the staff of the Division of Optics.

In the specialisation in Optics, there is a possibility to modify the individual study programme. In consultation with the Head of the Division of Optics, it is possible to adapt the study programme to ensure the optimum development of each student.

Practical courses

At the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, great emphasis is placed on practical classes conducted in well-equipped laboratories.

In the Division of Optics, we believe that such an approach to learning ensures that our students can develop their practical skills required in scientific work and build the intuition needed to face even the most difficult challenges in optics.

Aiming to support the learning of independent, critical thinking, students have a great deal of experimental freedom in how they carry out their research.

Our best students are offered work in grants carried out in the Division of Optics, the results of which are presented at international conferences and in prestigious scientific journals.

Defence of the thesis

The studies conclude defence of the Master's thesis prepared based on own scientific research results. The thesis has to be reviewed by the thesis supervisor and an additional reviewer to be accepted for the defence.

The defence of the thesis has a form of an oral exam concerning the topic and content of the thesis and a previously given list of questions related to fundamental aspects of modern physics.

Defence of the thesis
After the studies

After the studies

Graduates of the Division of Optics have excellent job prospects after graduation. They are valued for their extensive experience and advanced experimental skills.

After graduation, most of our students choose to continue their research careers with a PhD, take up jobs in R&D departments in optical and photonics companies, found startups and spin-offs.

Specialization lectures taught by employees
of the Division of Opticsat the Faculty
of Physics, University of Warsaw

Winter term 2021/2022 by Piotr Wasylczyk

Live lectures happen on (some) Wednesdays at 14:15 in 2.24

Participants are expected to:

1. Attend all live lectures where they will be discussing recent topics and present home assignments.

2. Watch the on-line material.

3. Complete home assignments and be prapared to present them during live meetings.

4. Attend lab tours.

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You can also come to the meetings of the Student Assocciation of Optics and Photonics at University of Warsaw (KNOF-UW), where you will be able to talk with students and PhD students of the Devision, who participate in these meetings. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Up-to-date information about undergraduate and graduate studies organised by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw is available at The majority of students in the Department of Optics pursue a programme in physics or nanostructures engineering, but we are also open to people from other fields of study.

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