Michał Karpiński, PhD

Quantum Photonics Laboratory (QPL)

PhD Michał Karpiński

Michał Karpiński, PhD

Quantum Photonics Laboratory (QPL)

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8195-214X

Phone number (office): 22 55 32 740

Phone number (lab): 22 55 46 872



After receiving his PhD at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw in 2012, he held an Individual Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Oxford and works on optical quantum technologies. He now holds an adjunct (assistant professor) position at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, heading the Quantum Photonics Laboratory.

He conducted the first demonstration of a deterministic time lens for quantum light pulses and has a strong experience in experimental quantum state and process tomography. As of 2020, he is leading the Foundation for Polish Science First TEAM project on “Phase-only shaping of light pulse for applications in quantum technologies” and the Warsaw workgroup within the international EU-funded QuantERA project QuICHE (Quantum information & communication with high-dimensional encoding). Michał Karpiński is also co-ordinating the Quantum Technology Labs workgroup within the NLPQT project infrastructural project (nlpqt.fuw.edu.pl).


University of Warsaw, Division of Optics

Pasteura 5, building A

Room: 3.40