Piotr Fita, PhD DSc

Ultrafast Phenomena Laboratory (UPL)

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1065-6770

Phone number (office): 22 55 32 733

Phone number (lab): 22 55 32 467



Piotr Fita obtained his PhD in the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw in 2008. During his graduate studies, he carried out research on ultrafast processes, in particular proton transfer, in organic molecules. Afterwards, he spent two years in the group of Prof. Eric Vauthey at the University of Geneva, where he used surface second harmonic generation for investigation of liquid/liquid interfaces. Afterwards, he came back to Warsaw to continue the research on ultrafast processes in organic molecules and photophysical properties of photoactive materials using various techniques of time-resolved and nonlinear spectroscopy. Among his current research interests there is also biophotonics, in particular applications of nonlinear optics for imaging and detection of pathogenic peptides in tissues.