Jędrzej Mijas BSc is a student at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. He prepared his bachelor thesis during Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences under Piotr Fita PhD, researching sonochemical reactions. In the past he collaborated with Institute of High Pressure Physics ‘Unipress’ PAS in Prof. Witold Trzeciakowski’s group, assisting in development of novel laser light sources for medical applications.

He works with Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory since 2019, starting with participation in campaign FIRH@TROPOS. Currently as part of his master thesis he develops a laser spectroscopy device for analysis of gaseous biomarkers.
Scientific interests include mid-infrared spectroscopy, MIR detectors technologies and applications of IR methods in medicine and atmospheric research.

Jędrzej is a member of Optics and Photonics Student Association UW (KNOF), as well as OSA, SPIE, EPS and IEEE Photonics. In KNOF he was responsible for website and social media, and was also active in organisation of meetings and conferences.

In free time Jędrzej tries to find even more classic cars to repair or delves into the world of fantasy, science-fiction and music.