Mateusz Bocheński, MSc

Molecular Spectroscopy and Ultracold Quantum Gases Laboratory (QGL)

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5626-3414

Phone number (office): 22 55 32 710

Phone number (lab): 22 55 32 470


Mateusz Bocheński is a PhD student at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. In 2019 he graduated from the cold quantum gas laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Mariusz Semczuk, where he was involved in the creation of an experimental setup used to cool potassium atoms, from room temperature to the so-called sub-Doppler temperature (about a million times lower).
He started his scientific work in the above-mentioned laboratory in 2016, where, under the supervision of a scientific supervisor, together with four other students, he worked on the creation of the first experiment in the country, aimed at preparing ultra-cold mixtures of natural potassium isotopes and cesium atoms.

Mateusz Bocheński's scientific interests include broadly understood atomic physics, in particular, ultracold homo- and heteronuclear mixtures, or boson-fermion mixtures and the phenomena that can be observed in them (superfluidity, phase transitions ...).

In his spare time, he likes to do DIY, read books, comics, and listen to Polish music. He is also interested in the development of VR technology in all aspects (industry, education, entertainment).


University of Warsaw, Division of Optics

Pasteura 5, building A

Room: 3.10