Jakub Dobosz, MSc

Molecular Spectroscopy and Ultracold Quantum Gases Laboratory (QGL)

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2498-7623

Phone number (office): 22 55 32 710

Phone number (lab): 22 55 32 470



MSc Jakub Dobosz is PhD candidate at the Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw. His adventure with physics he started at CERN, however in 2017 he got interested in research conducted in the Quantum Gases Laboratory. In 2019, under supervision of Dr Mariusz Semczuk he defended his master's thesis on the topic of non-destructive measurements of mixtures of cesium and potassium. He continues his research on PhD studies, working on development of methods for detection of ultracold mixtures.

Scientific interests of Jakub include not only atomic physics, but also molecular, with focus on theory of light-matter interaction and ultracold atomic mixtures.

In his private life, Jakub is cuisine and music passionate and electronics hobbyst. He is interested not only in practice, but also in fundaments of chemical and physical reactions present in various cooking techniques and also the theory of music.


University of Warsaw, Division of Optics

Pasteura 5, building A

Room: 3.10